Our Strengths


Honda customer service is all about Honda Quality, Honda People.

Honda invests in recruiting, training and certifying the manpower at our dealerships so as to result into a delightful service experience and a perfect repair quality


State-of-Art infrastructure and world class Tools & Equipment are the mainstay of quality and efficient repairs at Honda dealerships.

Honda Genuine Parts & Oil

Honda Genuine Parts are at the very core of product quality and vehicle ownership experience.

They are designed and tested to offer durability, reliability and safety to the customers in a long term vehicle ownership.

Always use Honda Genuine Parts for repairs on your vehicle to keep it like new, forever.

  • Air Filter

    ISO 14001

    Honda genuine air filters “keep” dirt and dust away from your engine keeping it clean for high performance and economy.

  • Oil Filter

    ISO 14001

    Honda Genuine Oil filters keeps engine oil in clean working condition, thereby protecting your engine from premature wear.

  • Fuel Filter

    ISO 14001

    Honda genuine Fuel filter helps feed your engine with clean and un-restricted fuel supply.
    It filters foreign particles away and prevents your fuel supply system from blocking.

  • Spark Plug

    ISO 14001

    Honda genuine spark plugs provide healthy combustion resulting in high fuel efficiency and reliability.
    Use only Honda genuine spark plugs for replacements to avoid Miss-firing, jerks and premature damage of engine components.

  • Wiper Blades

    ISO 14001

    Enjoy rains with assurance and reliability provided by Honda Genuine windscreen wiper blades.
    High sweep area and effective design quality provides complete clarity in every weather

  • Brake Disc & Pads

    ISO 14001

    Honda genuine Brake discs and Pads provides optimum braking power and shorter stopping distances.
    Honda Genuine Brake components are designed specifically to work with your vehicles ABS and other electronic assistance functionalities

  • Clutch Plate

    ISO 14001

    Honda genuine clutch components help transfer engine power without unwanted power loss.
    They improve ride quality, comfort and enhance fuel efficiency.

  • Head Light

    ISO 14001

    Honda Genuine Headlamps provide high intensity illumination through clear lense headlamps , they fit vehicle perfectly providing a long life and efficient energy consumption

  • Mirror

    ISO 14001

    Honda genuine rear view mirrors and side view mirror Sets provide a clear view helping you keep a tab on side lane traffic making you aware of your riding conditions.

Genuine Engine Oil

Honda Genuine Oil is premium quality engine oil tested and developed specifically for your Honda. It conforms to the international specifications designed by our R&D and has been developed keeping in mind the difficult driving conditions prevalent on Indian roads.

To meet the complete lubrication needs of your Honda, we strongly recommend that you use Honda Genuine Oil only which offers below benefits:


A lubricant that overpowers the frictional resistance to reduce wear & tear and gives your engine a longer life.


An oil to seal the clearances within your engine and gives you maximum power of your engine.


Oil that cools and soothes your engine under extreme conditions of heat.


Oil that not only lubricates but also cleans, to give your engine sludge free life.

Anti Rust

An unseen but vital role played to prevent your engine's metallic parts from corrosion.

Fuel Economy

Oil that resists oxidation & prevents itself from thickening , thus reduced friction and better fuel economy